Hi this is Robert from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I wanted to tell everyone out there directly what’s been going on with our band and the rumors of our splitting up…

I think everybody knows by now that recently in Edinburgh Nick and Pete got in an argument. It was rough but that’s Rock’N’Roll bands on the road. It happens. We decided to cancel the last two gigs on the tour because of this.

But of course at the last minute me and Peter had an attack of consciousness and decided to play the shows. Unfortunately by the time we got word back to the French Festival organizers they had already booked Melissa Auf De Mar to play our slot. The show in Spain on the other hand went really well and we found a Spanish fan named Romero who knew all our songs by heart and played the drums that night. We missed Nick back behind the drums but there’s too many beautiful girls in Spain to pass up playing there.

We’d still like to apologize to all our fans in France for not being able to play the last show on the tour. I hope someday soon we get a chance to make it up to them.

So the rumors that the band has split up for good aren’t exactly true. Nick might take some time off and even play drums in other groups here and there, but the doors always open for him to play with BRMC. Touring bands can be really hard work and takes a toll on people in different ways, but it’s also the best job in the world so fuck it.

Next week we’re gonna be back in LA to finish recording our next album. We’ve got a lot of the songs already done and it’s sounding really good. We’ve been playing some new songs for the next album live like Complicated Situation, Shuffle Your Feet and Gospel.

We want to finish the album soon and get it out sometime early next year. As for Record Label news… we’ve been meeting with a lot of labels in the U.S. and Europe but I think we’ll make a final decision like next month. There’s been such a strong reaction to the new songs we’ve recorded we’re kind of surprised actually and we’ve had to rethink our plans a little bit.

We should have some more news soon. Thanks again to everyone for their long time support.

By the way I hate being the only person in this band that can type.


PS As for this inflatable cock issue at the V-Festival signing tent, we haven’t been keeping up with this very well because we’ve got a lot on our minds. It’s pretty simple that the whole thing was a set up, some girl was cherry picked by an NME photographer to stick a joke prop in Pete’s face, and he just bailed when that became obvious. Sorry to our fans, but almost everyone who was actually standing in line that day applauded Peter when he left. But it really doesn’t matter. As for our sense of humor, yeah I think it’s fuckin hilarious that somehow the NME made this story newsworthy.