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Mazzy Starのとこのくだりは、こっちが赤面ですね。3人でそれぞれに選んでるんでしょうけど、なんとなく、まとまりがあるような無いような…。

“Motorcycle” – Love and Rockets: “One of the best love songs ever written about a motorcycle.”

“You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory” – Johnny Thunders: “Johnny Thunders has got a cool name. I wish everybody’s name sounded that cool.”

“I Turned Out A Punk” – Big Audio Dynamite: “Never really liked this recording, but the song is brilliant.”

“The Mercy Seat (Video Mix)” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: “Any song that has the line ‘The face of Jesus in my soup’ is worthy of being in an iTunes playlist.”

“The Big Ship” – Brian Eno: “I really hope this is what they’re playing on the spaceship when the aliens finally come and pick us all up.”

“Dreams Burn Down” – Ride: “Different version of ‘Dreams Burn Down’, recorded live at BBC Radio 1.”

“Rocket USA” – Suicide: “I’ve never been able to listen to this band for too long at one time, but Suicide in small doses can produce big results.”

“Ibiza Bar” – Pink Floyd: “Peter’s favorite Floyd album.”

“I Want You” – The Troggs: “Honestly, I don’t know why we have to write something about every song. I barely know anything about music. But I guess in my line of work you don’t have to.”

“Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons” – Pixies: “Very addicting song actually. Played it like every other day for like 3 years straight. Can’t stand it now.”

“Blue Flower” – Mazzy Star: “The first girl I ever kissed played this song on her stereo.”

“Iodine” – Leonard Cohen: “Nick and I really love this song. I think he actually turned me onto this song first. It’s a good song for sitting out in the rain on the sidewalk with no one left to fight but yourself.”

“I Have Known Love” – Silver Apples: “I kinda hated this band for a long time, but Peter and Nick kept trying to get me to listen to them for years. I finally had to give in.”

“Isolation” – Joy Division: “Well most of the songs on here are tracks we played before our shows on past BRMC tours. Although ‘Isolation’ was always saved for special occasions, whenever one of us would be falling asleep at the wheel during a long drive, we’d blast this song as loud as possible and somehow it always got us to the next city in one piece.”

“I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time” – The Third Bardo: “The original version.”

“Let It Flow” – Spiritualized: – “It’s kind of hard to choose only one Spriritualized song. But I guess if you’re ever going down in an airplane and about to die, I recommend playing this song on your way out.”

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  1. Mazzy Starの曲に関するコメントがあまりにあまりにも(?)だったので、いてもたってもいられず、初めてコメントをさせていただくこととあいなりました。え~こっちが恥ずかしいじゃねえか、ということで。あと、SuicideがFrankie Teardropぢゃなくてよかったなあ、ってことでしょうか。あの曲すごくおっかないので。以上です。お邪魔しました。

  2. roboさんこんにちは、いらっしゃいませ。これからもよろしく。
    Frankie Teardropは墓場ソングみたいですよね(笑)Ghost Riderが好きだなあ、わしは。

  3. こちらこそよろしくdeath。でも、そんなとこが♡というわけで…、私も恥ずかし。続きは「~Teardrop」ぢゃなくてよかった、あの曲おっかないので」ってことでした。しつこくお邪魔さまでした。


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