FAULT Magazine

January 18th, 2012

FAULT Magazine

Topic(s): B.R.M.C., Billy Nicgorski, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cobb Studio, Fault Magazine, Jay Mehler, Kasabian, Paul Nicgorski, Robert Levon Been, Ryan Bernstein,

FAULT Magazine Issue 9 features the American music industry’s best kept secret – Cobb Studio. In addition to speaking to studio founders Ryan Bernstein and Billy and Paul Nicgorski, FAULT also caught up with Kasabian’s Jay Mehler and BRMC’s Robert Levon Been about the benefits of recording at Cobb. Read the full interview exclusively in Issue 9 – available in print or in digital.

The feature is filled with previously unpublished shots of BRMC recording for ‘Howl’ and ‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo’, courtesy of Billy Nicgorski. We’re also proud to present Billy’s own video (created with 2,146 pictures) of the band recording and playing ‘Mama Taught me Better’ at an intimate local gig:

FAULTマガジンというファッションカルチャーマガジンで、なぜかCobbスタジオ(フィラデルフィア)の特集をしています。RyanとPaul(The Cobbs)、Billy(Paulの兄弟)のインタビューとBRMCのRobとカサビアンのJayにも話を聞いているようです。ビリーの撮影したレコーディング時のショットが4ページの特集の中にちりばめられています。紙でも買えますが、デジタルでダウンロード(717円)することもできます(少し登録がめんどくさい)iPadのアプリやAIRで読めます。お試しに立ち読みもできます


BRMC for FAULT Magazine from Linveco Media on Vimeo.