sweetaia: NME includes BRMC’s HOWL in its list of  100 Greatest…


NME includes BRMC’s HOWL in its list of  100 Greatest Albums You’ve Never Heard (January 2011)

#96 HOWL (2005)

This is the third Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album, and it just didn’t get anything like the coverage or the praise that it should have done at the time – I thought it was a fucking amazing record, absolutely terrific. I don’t know why it’s so under-appreciated – maybe it isn’t in other coutnries, I don’t know, but for some reason it just never really worked over here. People didn’t really get it, and nobody ever picked up on how good it was, maybe because, being mostly acoustic, it was so different to their first two records. But you can tell when you listen to it that the album is really coming from the soul. The lyrics to one of the songs, ‘Fault Line’ – “Racing with the rising tide to my father’s door” – that’s poetry, that is. Those are proper, Dylan-class lyrics. That’s probably my favourite track on the album – it’s fantastic, I wish I’d written it myself, to be honest. It makes me think about dads and lads, which normally makes me a little tearful! But the whole album is just beautiful musically, and it was a real departure for the band as well. For me, it’s the best album they’ve ever made. I just love it.

by Guy Harvey of Elbow

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