AND TO ITS POINT. if any, with its entry. this will not be the same. the past has heard its faults, and with what’s learned, lies better. and with this we live under the gun of a loud mouth, under the wheel whose need seems greed and ours to relieve its weight.


—Peter Hayes (Howl album sleeve)


AWFUL. Yes I’ve known the pleasure of awful. a death sentence is in hand, words screaming in shame, what have you done and why. my flesh wants off and my bones ache in this heavy air. deserving of it all is what I’m left with, unable to chase away any, as demons stretch my soul mocking any attempt. i stand aside and watch my last hope stripped away. what’s left i want no part of. i now know myself less appealing, a state which leads no help. peace was a bold lie, one which walked steadily away as i followed.


—“Awful” by Peter Hayes (Howl album sleeve)


PITY’S HELD HAND. he stayed out of it for longer than necessary and stood head down, eyes closed screaming out. staring at his heart, she stopped for a moment before stepping over. on her way seems easier to him.


—“Pity’s Held Hand” by Peter Hayes (Howl album sleeve)


A STAND STILL. a small dose of disdain, a coarse emotion without emotion. discarded memories lasting without want but in need. righteous intention burning bright beside all natural light, good for nothing where nothing is certain. restless eyes meet no warm welcome, a steady collapse of all light. still music goes on and on, and drags behind its merry song. once laughter, an easy substitute, now the joke is turning into you. it preys on gentle hands to wear raw. it preys gladly for everyone’s place at the table. you really make no difference. it’s now time to set the table. a strange sound corrupts a playful passing. words will change nothing but the will to forget the past and remember its frailty. i was left standing without a place to go back or ever forward to. what a worthless dream, showing no action just in love with justice for none. still a proof of life, a life pushed to one side without the other. i stand corrected and challenged then collected. it’s been too hard to forget what cannot forgive, a loss too much in love. on and on, spend and spent all in the same breath, an equal cost for all left to bear. what fools are they that come with hands open and mouths shut.


—Robert Levon Been (Howl album sleeve)

Blog, Your Name Was Here And it left us with what…

October 31st, 2010 


Your Name Was Here

And it left us with what little you see

The light comes in clearly

And shames us

This was meant to fill our hearts

And now what use can they be for any

This tragic place is us without you

Will you ever know?

That which once you filled is now so bravely bare

Waiting for existence to forget

Peter Hayes

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