I have never seen Peter talk so much in an interview!…


I have never seen Peter talk so much in an interview! This is one of the best interviews I have even seen with the band.

Translation of the German text below the video:

After almost 10 years, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is a permanent fixture in rock and roll business, and they (rightly) sell out larger venues worldwide.
Mainly, because the band around the two front men Peter Hayes and Robert Been never tried to fit in or follow some trend. They always kept true to themselves. Above all, of course, musically, but also as people, who, in many reports, were described as moody and arrogant.
Nothing true in that, they have simply refused the invitation to become ’media trained’ and therefore they stayed real.

This is also the case on the day of their visit to Berlin. Before they played a highly acclaimed performance at the Astra, we visited them backstage. First, only Peter was there for us, but then Robert returned from his tour of museums and joined us.
It was a relaxed 60 minute conversation that we serve here in two parts. We peppered the conversation with snippets from their live DVD and other footage.